How to look after your breasts after augmentation


Going through a major surgery is never easy. After the surgery, the healing process of the body begins. The doctor won’t be by your side throughout the healing process, but you can still call him for emergencies.

breast augmentation surgery

Meanwhile, you have to know how to look after your breasts after breast augmentation surgery so that your body will heal well. Knowing how to look after yourself also improves your recovery by lessening the risk of developing complications.

Different surgeons will provide their own set of instructions on how to care for yourself and your breasts after breast augmentation surgery. Apart from that, here are a few things you should remember.

Recovery takes time

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to give your body time to heal. Although some may heal within a couple of weeks, that may not be true for you. Each one heals at a different pace, and you have to give your body time for it to recover fully.

Giving your body time to recover means not rushing into doing things you usually do. You may also not feel the way you usually feel because the body is still healing. By taking things slow, you allow the body to heal. Don’t meddle with the natural healing process.

Similarly, it also takes time for you to see the results of the augmentation. It is possible that the results you initially see are not yet final. The final results may only appear after the body has fully healed and the breast implants have settled in their proper place.

Avoid pressure or stretching the area

Those who have newly augmented breasts should make sure they do not sleep on their breasts. Pressure should not be given to the newly augmented area because it can negatively affect the healing process.

Similarly, stretching the area should also be avoided. Lifting the arms should be avoided. This is why you are not advised to shampoo your hair or reach for high things after your breast augmentation surgery.

The stretch can be enough to cause the wound to open up. This makes you more vulnerable to infection because there is a break in the skin. It can also cause you to develop a larger scar because the healing wound is also stretched.

Avoid getting the wound wet

Another thing you should avoid is to get your incisions or wound wet. This is because the wound will heal slowly if it gets wet. There is also a higher chance of developing an infection if you get your wound wet with non-sterile water.

A wet wound also provides a better place for the bacteria or fungus to thrive because it will benefit from the presence of the liquid. This is why it is not advisable to take a shower or bath days after the surgery.

Gradually increase exercise intensity

Although there are things you can’t do after surgery, there are still many things that you can. One of them is to exercise. Even if you can exercise a few days after the surgery, you should carefully select what exercise to do.

Strenuous exercises are bad for you while healing because you can bleed easily from the incisions. It may seem that the wound is already healed outside, but it is possible that the wound is still fresh and healing inside.

Before you go back to your usual exercise routine, you need to first start with easy and less strenuous ones. Ease your way to more difficult ones so you can give your body time to adjust. For example, if you are into running, then you should first start with walking and then gradually go faster.

Support is important

Providing support to your breasts while they are newly augmented is advisable. The breasts are still damaged because of the incisions made, and they may still need support to carry the weight of the breasts.

Although some surgeons don’t require any specific type of bra to be used, there are some who do. The bras should not have an underwire because it can irritate the wound, especially when the incision is found on the area where the underwire is.

Support through the garments also helps prevent premature sagging of the breasts because the skin is not stretched. When wearing a bra, you should also make sure it fits right. It should be able to provide support in areas where you need it most.

Maintain your weight

One way to care for your body after breast augmentation is to make sure you have a stable weight. Avoid gaining and losing weight because it can lead to sagging of the breasts. The appearance of the breasts can also be affected by future pregnancies.

If you want to prolong the beautiful result that you get out of breast augmentation surgery, then you should be careful about weight changes in the body.

Go through mammogram tests

Having breast implants doesn’t mean you should skip your mammograms. Although breast implants can affect what is seen on the tests, there is a way to work around it. All you have to do is tell them you have implants and they will alter the test for you.

There are specialists that are trained to handle those who have implants. They are experienced and know how to make things work. Going through the mammogram is best because it helps detect cancer and every woman should go through it whether they have implants or not.


The breast augmentation surgery can produce favorable results, but that is not only dependent on how the procedure is done. It is also greatly affected by the patient’s recovery.

In order to improve your chances of having great results, you should know how to look after your newly augmented breasts. Some of the things you should remember are the following: recovery takes time, pressure and stretching should be avoided, avoid getting the wound wet, exercise should be gradual, support is important, maintaining weight is advised, and mammograms should be done.

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