How expensive is breast surgery


Breast augmentation surgery or, as it is sometimes referred to augmentation mammaplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. Over 1 million women choose to alter the size of their breasts yearly, all over the world. Breast augmentation is elective surgery, and it is also plastic surgery. Therefore, it is always something rather expensive.

The high cost of such a procedure is usually one of the biggest problems that need to be confronted when you decide you need such surgery. Therefore, while shopping around for the best offer, some are inclined to go for the lowest price possible. Now, you need to consider that the cost of a product is not the most important thing. Yes, it might be good for your budget to buy a cheap pair of shoes, but in the long run, the cheap shoes will break, and you will need to buy new ones. Therefore, some would say that it is preferable to buy a more expensive product that will last longer. When it comes to plastic surgery, that is even more important than a pair of shoes, because it involves an actual part of your body. Any failure of this surgery will reflect on the way you look and will lead to more surgeries, that will not only be a budget problem, but it will also involve pain and more surgeries.

So, a wise decision for you is to look for the best option available: not the very high price, but not the cheapest one. You need to remember that the first and most important thing about breast augmentation is the surgeon you choose. You must make sure that he is not only a very experienced one but also a certified one.

To fully understand what makes up the cost of this procedure, you need to see what exactly it involves, what techniques and steps are truly involved.

The cost of breast augmentation with fat grafting

There are two known methods of breast augmentation: one with fat grafting and one with implants. Fat grafting for breast augmentation is a rather new method for breast enhancement. It is an option that is more expensive than the one with implants. Even if it does not involve visible scars, it still is a surgical procedure and is made up of two steps. In the first one, fat is extracted from a part of your body, usually tummy, bottom or thighs. Fat is then filtered to remove any other impurities like blood, oil, and water. A new substance is obtained, one that contains fat and stem cells only. The next step is to inject this fat into your breasts. The injection is done gradually and not all at once because the surgeon must avoid the possible appearance of necrosis.

Such a procedure has an average cost of USD 7,000 to USD 9,000. It can be lower or higher than this amount, but it usually revolves around this sum. This surgery involves two local anesthesia: one at the fat harvesting site and another in the breasts. The filtering process is also a costly piece of the puzzle. One important aspect is that such surgery might involve some preparation in advance. The best results this procedure has accomplished were achieved when the patient used a special device, before surgery, to enlarge the breast tissue. This is called a BRAVA device, and it uses suction to apply a small impulse to your breast that causes the skin to enlarge a bit and make space for the fat to be injected. This looks like a bra, and it must be worn daily for several hours some 4 weeks before the surgery, and all the time one week before and one week after the surgery.

This is the most natural way to enlarge your breasts, but like any other ecological or organic product there is on the market, it is the most expensive at the same time. The major advantage is that it uses your own cells to enhance one part of your body. But apart from the high cost, as explained above, it also carries some other disadvantages. The first one is that this procedure has a limit in terms of size: you can achieve a breast augmentation of maximum one cup, but no more. The fat cells that are injected into your breast will not survive in totality, about 30% of them will be absorbed by your body, sometimes even more. Apart from these possible issues, a fat transfer might lead to developing calcifications in the breast and irregularities at the harvesting site. This is a new procedure, so information on it is quite scarce. Therefore it might take a few good years until the whole amount of side effects will be fully known.

The cost of breast augmentation with implants

The other method for breast augmentation can be tagged as a classic one: the breast implants. It is less expensive than the fat grafting method, but it is a surgery indeed. The cost of such a surgery revolves around USD 4,500 to USD 6,000. The price of breast implants surgery depends mostly on the type of implant: saline or silicone.

Both types of implants are made from the same outer shell that is made of silicone. The filling is the one that differs. The saline implant is filled in with sterile saline water similar to that used for hydration through IV. The silicone implant is filled in with a cohesive silicone compound. Since the first one is basically water, its cost is less than the second one. The silicone substance that was designed to fill in this implant it is made in such a way to imitate at best the human breast consistency and look. Obviously, the cost of making such an elaborate compound is higher than of sterile water. Apart from the smaller cost, the saline implant it has the advantage that is it ruptures, you will immediately notice since the implant will deflate in a matter of days. Still, the silicone one has the advantage of a better resistance in time, experience showing that t can last even up to 20 years, but it emulates best a real breast. It feels and looks more real, and it carries a small chance of rippling.

Of course, there is a myriad of other factors involved in pricing such a surgery, and we will discuss them all, but this is one major factor since one is cheaper than the other. Let’s discuss a little bit how this surgery is done in order to understand what the price of it is made of.

Since it is surgery, but not a major one that might involve serious complications, this is usually done in an outpatient facility and does not involve an overnight stay. You will be administered general anesthesia, and if your surgery is scheduled too late in the afternoon then you might to stay one night in the hospital. Since you will be dealing with general anesthesia, you will need to be monitored by a doctor during your recovery from anesthesia time. After you are sound asleep, the doctor will make an incision, that will depend on your previous discussion with your doctor. The incision might be made in the crease between your breast and chest (inframammary), in the armpit (trans axillary), in the area around the nipple (periareolar) or around the belly button (transumbilical). If your incision is made in the armpit or around the belly button, then the surgeon will also need a camera and a piece of special equipment to see and place the implant through that incision, so this will be added to the general cost of your surgery.

After the incision is made, the surgeon will make a pocket for the implant to be placed in. This can be done above the chest muscle, below the glandular tissue, and it is called sub glandular, or it can be done below the muscle, and it is called subpectoral. The first technique is easier than the second one. Subpectoral placement involves lifting the muscle, so dealing with much more blood vessels, taking much time and care. Therefore, it should be more expensive than placing the implant right below the glandular tissue.

After the implant is placed and put in a proper position, the surgeon will suture the incision and bandage you. Since this is a surgery, you will feel pain for some days, and there are different ways to manage this pain. If you do want to avoid the use of pain medicine from one reason or another, then your surgeon might recommend a pain pump. This device uses a local anesthetic to ease your pain, and it will be added to the total cost of your surgery. Most surgeon will advise on using this small device because it is a local pain medicine and it does not affect your body in any way than by easing your pain


Apart from all the cost above implant, anesthesia, hospitalization, and care for some hours to one full day, pain medication, surgery technique, there is also the cost imposed by the surgeon for his performance. This is probably the most important fact, as I was pointing at the beginning. Surgery and particularly plastic surgery are a delicate matter that requires talent, years of learning and training, experience, certification and a kind of skill not easily achieved. Therefore, it is an expensive “product.”

If you think getting a breast augmentation is too expensive for you and you cannot afford it, then you have the option of waiting until you collect all the money, or you can try and finance your surgery. No country will include cosmetic surgery in the national health insurance plan, so you will need to pay it by yourself. There are many practices that either have their own financing options, or that can redirect you to banks that can help you work out a beneficial and easier payment plan. Do not accept a lower price from an inexperienced or not certified surgeon just because you cannot afford a more expensive one.

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