Things to do before getting the buttock implants surgery


Improving the size and shape of the buttocks has turned into a popular and trendy plastic surgery procedure over the last two decades. Bigger, shapelier, and properly contoured buttocks are considered a sign of fertility, femininity, sensuousness, and beauty. If your buttocks are smaller or flatter and you want to get beautiful, round, and voluptuous butts, you should consider getting the buttock implants surgery. The intervention involves the placement of prosthetic objects called gluteal implants into the buttocks.

The gluteal implants are permanent objects that deliver lasting results. The surgery is invasive and involves surgical trauma. Even though it is an outpatient procedure, you must be fuller prepared for the operation and recovery. During the pre-operative consultation, you should ask the surgeon as to what you can do to make the surgery and recovery smooth and comfortable. Below are the most important things that the patient should do before getting buttock implants.

Have your candidacy properly assessed

The most important thing that you must do before the buttock implants surgery has your candidacy adequately assessed for the intervention. The buttock augmentation with implants is an elective procedure. You are undergoing surgery purely for cosmetic purposes. As such, you must not take higher risks. The risks should be lower than the benefits. It is essential to make sure you are a good candidate for the butt implants surgery.

The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy for the surgery during the pre-operative consultation. He will examine your buttocks, assess your overall health, and ask you questions about your goals and expectations. You must share your complete medical history with the doctors so you can be saved from the risks. Based on the findings of the consultation, the surgeon will tell you if you are a good candidate for the procedure and whether it is safe for you to get the surgery.

Stop smoking

If you are a good candidate for the surgery but are a smoker, you must be ready to stop smoking. Smoking can turn out to be dangerous during the operation and recovery period. It can trigger significant complications. Smoking has been linked with blood coagulation and poor and slow wound healing. You must stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and be ready to avoid smoking during the recovery period. If you are not prepared for this, you will not be a good candidate for the butt implants surgery.

Stop taking certain medicines

Some medicines have been associated with complications and higher risks during and after the buttock implants surgery. During the consultation, the surgeon would assess your health and ask whether you are taking medications. If you have diabetes, you may be taking certain medicines. On the other hand, if you have a history of blood coagulation, you might be taking blood-thinning medication. Based on what drugs you are taking and what health issues you have, the plastic surgeon may tell you to stop taking or decrease the dose of the medications. This is important to ensure that you can have a smooth and safe surgery and recovery.

Hydrate your body

To have a smooth and safe surgery and achieve the desired outcomes, you must be sure to keep your body hydrated during the weeks before the surgery. When your body is hydrated, you will stay healthy, and your skin will remain in good shape. This is extremely important for the operation and to achieve the desired outcomes. Make sure to drink plenty of water and juices so that your skin tone and elasticity can improve. This will help the skin keep the implants in place, besides expediting the recovery process.

Eat healthy foods

The old saying that says that you are what you eat is entirely correct. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is vital to stay healthy and prevent health risks. This becomes even more important when you are planning to undergo buttock implants surgery. The surgery is invasive and entails risks, and if you eat healthy foods, it can go a long way toward ensuring your safe operation and recovery. Make sure to include vegetables, water, fruits, protein, and carbohydrates in your diet in the weeks before the surgery. Also, avoid junk and fatty foods because they are not healthy and can trigger complications.


Physical activities and exercises before the surgery can help speed up the recovery process. Be sure to engage in physical exercises during the weeks before the surgery. Exercises enhance blood flow throughout the body, which is critical for the healing of the incisions made during the operation. However, keep in mind that you must avoid exercises and physical activities for six weeks after the surgery because that can affect the incisions and may result in wound dehiscence. The best thing that you can do to make up for the inactivity during the recovery period is to engage in exercises before the surgery. It will not only keep you fresh and healthy but also make a recovery smooth.

Arrange someone to drive your home from the hospital

The buttock implants surgery is a significant intervention. As such, the plastic surgeon would advise you to avoid driving for three weeks after the surgery. What this means is that you won’t be able to drive after the surgery. As such, you must arrange someone to drive you home from the hospital after the surgery. Moreover, you would not be able to work for two weeks after the surgery. After two weeks, you may resume work, but you need to have someone to drive you to work and back for four weeks after the procedure. After four weeks, you can gradually resume driving. However, be sure to place a soft cushion under your buttocks when driving.

Arrange care for your children and pets

As explained above, the buttock augmentation with implants involves incisions and surgical trauma. After the procedure, you have to go through a complete recovery process that can last for many weeks. The first two weeks are, and you would be advised to avoid lifting your children or doing household chores. Instead, you should stay in bed and take sufficient rest. Resting helps your body to recuperate from the surgical trauma and keeps the incisions intact. Physical activities can apply pressure to the incisions and trigger incision splitting, bleeding, and infection. To prevent these complications, you must arrange care for your children and pets before the surgery. After three weeks, you can then gradually resume taking care of your children and pets.

Make changes in your home and bedroom

It is also essential for the patient to make changes in her home and bedroom so that she cannot face any difficulty during the recovery period. Make sure to have a comfortable bed with enough pillows. You would not be allowed to sleep on your back or sit for two weeks after the surgery. Also, arrange your tables and chairs in a manner that they don’t get in your way while going to the restroom.

Stop eating and drinking water at least eight hours before the surgery

Buttock augmentation with implants is major surgery, and like all major procedures, the patient is required to stop eating and drinking water for at least eight hours before the surgery. This is important to ensure your safety during the operation and to avoid complications.

Leave your jewelry and valuables at home

Before going for the surgery, you must leave your jewelry and other valuables like cash at home. The hospital staff will not be responsible for misplacement or theft of your valuables. Also, wearing jewelry and other ornaments during the surgery can increase your risk of infection, which is why it is not allowed.

Shop groceries and stock your fridge with ready to eat foods

After the surgery, you would not be able to go shopping or move around for at least three weeks. As such, you need to be fully prepared in advance for the recovery period. Make sure to shop for groceries and enough stockpile of ready to eat foods.

Get the required medical tests

The plastic surgeon would advise you to get specific medical tests and scans before the surgery, especially if you have health issues. You must get the tests done and have the reports sent to the doctor before the operation. The common tests that are required before the surgery include a pregnancy test, blood tests, x-ray, and urine test.


Buttock implants surgery is one of the most effective procedures to augment your buttocks. It involves the insertion and placement of artificial objects called gluteal implants into the booty. As a result, butts become bigger and prominent. The surgery is highly invasive and traumatic, which means you have to go through a complete recovery process after the procedure. The recovery can comprise of many weeks. Given the nature of the surgery, it is vital for the patient to be fully prepared for the intervention. In this article, I have explained the most important things that you need to do before getting buttock implants surgery.

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