Types of butt implants and what is best for you


Women are extremely body conscious. Aesthetic flaws or shortcomings in the body affect the self-esteem of women in negative ways. The buttocks are very important in defining the physical beauty and aesthetics of the female body. As such, women are extremely sensitive about the size and shape of the butts. The modern beauty standards require women to have more prominent and projected derriere. Many women with smaller or flatter butts experience lower self-esteem as a result and opt to go under the knife to enhance their backsides.

The buttock augmentation with implants is recommended for women who want to get bigger and fuller butts. The surgery involves the use of prosthetic devices called butt implants to deliver the desired results. Many women are not aware of the types of butt implants and hence are unable to decide as to what is best for them. In this article, I am going to introduce to you the butt implant types and help you pick a suitable implant.

The buttock implants

Also popular as a gluteal implant, the buttock implant is mainly used for augmenting of the buttocks. Most patients who get buttock implants are women; however, the number of men undergoing surgery has also seen a rise over the last couple of years. Buttock implants are made of semi-solid, medical grade silicone that has a reputation for being resilient and has robust construction. Unlike the breast implants, the butt implants do not rupture or deflate. What this means is that they deliver permanent results to the patient. Once you get the implants, there is more than 95 percent chance that you would have them in your butts for a lifetime.

Over the years, the quality of buttock implants has improved. Today, the buttock implants are used by tens of thousands of women each year to enhance their backsides. The surgery has also got a reputation for being safe, thanks to the years of innovations and advancements made in the field of plastic surgery. The buttock implants surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia, is a moderately invasive procedure. In most cases, it involves a single incision that is placed in the fold between the two buttocks. The implants are then placed under or within the buttock muscles through the incisions.

Types of buttock implants

Many people assume that there is a standard shape and size of implant that can fit all women. But the reality is that there are different types and size of gluteal implants and the surgery is customized to the needs and requirements of each patient. What this means is that not a single type of implant is suitable for one patient, it cannot necessarily be ideal for you. The same holds for the size of gluteal implants.

Generally, four types of butt implants are categorized by their styles. Of all the kinds of buttock implants, the Style 3 implant is mostly used and is more popular. This type of gluteal implant features a round, non-directional feature. You can choose to have the Style 3 implant put in an acceptable place of insertion. It delivers a consistent increase in the projection of the buttocks, including upper pole projection.

Non-directional gluteal implants almost remove the problem of complications like implant displacement or shifting. Implant displacement or shifting happens when the implant moves out of the pocket or changes position. The best thing about the Style 3 implant is that it does not rotate in the first place and even if it does, the shape and size of your buttocks will not be affected.

On the other hand, the directional implants like Style 1 and Style 2 denote the general shape of the gluteal implant. These implants need a specific alignment and placement because they do not have the same dimensions on all sides or directions. The Style 1 and Style 2 implants deliver impressive improvements to the aesthetics of the buttocks when they are placed sub facially into the gluteal region. These implants, when placed in this direction, can help you achieve a pre-cast desired balance in your buttocks, depending on the sense of aesthetics and artistry of your plastic surgeon.

To get good outcomes with Style 1 and 2 implants, you must be sure that your plastic surgeon is highly experienced and has a great sense of aesthetics of the female body and understands the anatomy of the female buttocks. Also, you must communicate your aesthetic goals and requirements to the surgeon. If you feel like these implants are most suitable for your body and can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, only then you should go for them. Otherwise, the Style 3 implant is all you need to obtain sufficient projection in your backside.

Another type of implant is the Style 4 gluteal implant. This implant is a tailored gluteal implant with mirrored sides. It features two sides – left and right. When this implant is used, the plastic surgeon will manually adjust and trim the implant to your needs and requirements. This type of implant is used less often.

Buttock implant size options

The buttock implants are also available in different sizes and what size you choose affects the results of the surgery. The wide choice of sizes of butt implants also means that you have many options to select from. However, it is vital for the patient to choose an implant size that is suitable for her body and accentuates her body outline and other physical features.

In case you select an implant that is too large or too small for your body and butt dimensions, you may not achieve your desired aesthetic improvements. The plastic surgeon can help you select the best implant size during the pre-operative consultation. The biggest butt implant you can find on the market is 690cc. If you want to get an implant that is larger than 690cc, then you should place a custom order for it.

Majority of the butt implants patients have butt dimensions that can house no more substantial than 500cc of implants. In other words, this means that if the butt implant is larger than 500cc, your buttocks and body outline will look abnormal and aesthetically unwelcoming. Ideally, the size of the implant should accentuate your body outline and sit properly inside your booty. Moreover, using huge implants also increases the risk of capsular contracture and implant rotation.

Keep in mind that the buttock implants feature durable construction and can withstand immense pressure without rupturing or deflating. Once you get the implant, it will stay in your buttocks for a lifetime if severe complications don’t happen or you don’t choose to remove the implants. As such, you must select the implant size carefully. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better.

What is best for you?

Many women get confused when they come to know about the different types and sizes of gluteal implants.  They don’t have technical abilities to select suitable implants that can help them achieve their goals. What kind and size of implant is best for you depends on many factors, such as your butt dimensions, overall anatomy and body outline, aesthetic flaws in the butts, aesthetic goals, and the level of projection you want to achieve.

It can be difficult for the patient to pick a type and size of the buttock implant personally. The best way to choose a good implant and achieve your goals is by investing your trust in the plastic surgeon and working with him to select an implant. Each person has a unique body outline, anatomy, and features and only the plastic surgeon can help you pick an implant that will conform to these factors.

The good news is that during the last several years, the buttock implants have seen many improvements. In the past, the implants used for other areas of the body like the breasts were also used for the buttocks. However, those implants failed because they were not only risky but also too palpable or too tough for the buttocks. Thanks to the innovations made in the field of buttock augmentation, today we have dedicated implants for the buttocks that help us achieve the desired goals and improvements. Keep in mind that the results of the surgery depend mainly on the type and size of implant used. As such, you must select the buttock implant carefully.


The buttock implants are prosthetic objects made of highly durable and resilient silicone material. These implants have been tested and proven to pose no risk to your health. The good news is that the gluteal implants are permanent objects, which means the results are also lasting. These implants are recommended for patients who want to get bigger and voluptuous backsides. However, it is not always easy to choose a suitable implant because the gluteal implants are available in different types and sizes. In this article, I have explained the types of gluteal implants and the dimensions, besides explaining as to how can you make sure to select an implant that is best for you and helps you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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