Are PMMA injections safe for the buttocks?

Introduction Buttock enhancement methods are becoming increasingly popular. Women nowadays are realizing the importance of the buttocks in terms of their body aesthetics. The butt plays a crucial role in defining your overall physical beauty, making you appear sensuous and sexier, and boosting your self-esteem. As such, women with smaller or flatter buttocks often experience lower self-esteem because they don’t…

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Types of butt implants and what is best for you

Introduction Women are extremely body conscious. Aesthetic flaws or shortcomings in the body affect the self-esteem of women in negative ways. The buttocks are very important in defining the physical beauty and aesthetics of the female body. As such, women are extremely sensitive about the size and shape of the butts. The modern beauty standards require women to have more…

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Things to do before getting the buttock implants surgery

Introduction Improving the size and shape of the buttocks has turned into a popular and trendy plastic surgery procedure over the last two decades. Bigger, shapelier, and properly contoured buttocks are considered a sign of fertility, femininity, sensuousness, and beauty. If your buttocks are smaller or flatter and you want to get beautiful, round, and voluptuous butts, you should consider…

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When to get the butt of your dreams

Introduction For many people, it is important to have a pleasant body appearance. In some cases this means the right proportions in between the features of the body; in others, we are talking about correcting imperfections in different areas of the body. The buttock augmentation or buttock enhancement procedure is a popular intervention performed to help both men and women…

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Small buttocks – what can be done about it?

Introduction The size and shape of the buttocks can influence the self-image and also the level of self-esteem. Multiple studies show that beautiful people are more successful and the high demands of the modern society make it easy to understand why so many people resort to plastic surgery intervention to improve their appearance. The only efficient method to correct small…

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